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Top 10 Orthodontist schools in the US

Orth odontology might not be one of the most famous medical field in the world but its vitally important in the field of dentistry. Orthodontists are also dentists in a broader term but they specialize in helping us keeping our jaws straight and prevent any kind of misalignment.

Like all the medical fields, orthodontists undergo a tough educational and practical program at the orthodontist school to acquire specific skills. In order to be top-notch at their skills, the selection of a good orthodontist school is the first step. United States have some of the world’s best orthodontist schools.

This list narrows down the top 10 Orthodontist schools in the US which can be picked for professional learning of the respective field. So if you’re looking to get in one of the top ranked orthodontist school in the US, this list is a perfect collection for such sort.

10. Marquette University School of Dentistry (Milwaukee, WI)

Since its founding in 1894, this school has kept up with its tradition of providing best quality of education in dentistry. This traditional school is equipped with state of the art facilities which gives students the chance to enhance their skills through practical manifestation of their knowledge under the supervision of the skilled staff. Not only that, students at Marquette school of dentistry are taught with evidence based research.

This allows the students to learn the evolving structure of dental expertise and make them fully understand the latest trends in their field.

9. Saint Louis University Centre for Advanced Dental Education (St. Louis, MO)

Centre for Advanced Dental Education has been known as one of the finest facility for dental education in the US. This School has four State of the Art clinics where students train to become astute orthodontists. CADE seeks to achieve excellence by providing specialty practice while maintaining their high education standards. For the International students, an optional orthodontic program of 36 months is also offered which includes 6 months of additional clinical training.

The school works on the principal of collaboration between its four clinics which helps students to adopt a multidisciplinary approach while polishing their skills. The school also carries forward the religious values put up by Saint Louis University to make sure that students are also prepared to become good human beings in the process.

8. University of Illinois Chicago College of Dentistry (Chicago, IL)

The college of Dentistry at University of Illinois Chicago offers a comprehensive range of dental education to ensure good overall oral health. Recognized as one of the most advanced Research Institution, the college of dentistry at University offers several degree programs for advanced training in orthodontics. Research is regarded as the most important aspect at this school which makes it one of the best orthodontic schools in the US.

The school is famous for its own Centre of Wound healing and Brodie Laboratory in Craniofacial Genetics. Along with the best educational opportunities for its students, the school also takes lead in its Oral health outreach program. Through this initiative, it offers 1 million of free dental care to the needy in the community. The participants of this program also help the community by using the trade-ins to different events.

7. Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine (Cleveland, OH)

Cleveland’s School of Dental Medicine is a reputable and highly competitive orthodontist school which is pertinent to the fact that it has acceptance rate of 2.9% which makes it a very tough school to enter. Students looking to get admission in this school require strong educational background and strong letters of recommendation. To maintain its standard, the school is committed to provide advanced level of orthodontist studies.

The 132,000 square foot structure provides dental students a spacious environment to learn the art of orthodontics. Located in the heartland of Cleveland Ohio, the school has a collaborative environment to ensure academic excellence. Its academic excellence is reflective through its famous graduates which include the current graduate Director at University of Michigan’s School of Dentistry, Hom-Lay Wong.

Not only this, the school has also maintained its high standards through its innovative and ground breaking research One of its recent projects to study links between Cancer and HIV won a 3.7 million grant. Moreover, the school also takes pride in leading a study that led to constructing a unique device which can instantly detect Oral Cancer.

6. University of Washington Seattle

The Department of Orthodontics at University of Washington is known for producing top-notch orthodontists who are expert in academic research and its practical module. The academic activity at this school is highly competitive which makes it one of the best orthodontist schools in the country. The school offers a highly selective Graduate program having only 5 students per year.

These students undergo a rigorous and intensive 33-month session at the end of which they are awarded with Masters of Science in Dentistry and a certificate of Orthodontics. The highly selective nature of this program makes it one of the toughest sessions but also equips the students with all the necessary skills to be a top orthodontist.

The school is composed of a highly educated faculty who have the expertise to make those few students into top orthodontists.

5. Texas A&M University (College Station, TX)

The Orthodontics Department at Texas A&M University is one of its most prestigious schools since its founding in 1905. Along with its educational reputation, the school is also known for its excellence in Research which is evident by the success of its Clinical Research Centre. It is considered as one of the best Orthodontic Research facility in the US.

The Orthodontics department is a primary place where the students are provided with ample opportunities while also having a strong focus on the clinical aspect as part of their training. For this purpose, there is a separate clinical facility for treatment and an analysis lab where data is continuously processed for Cephalometric analysis. Students and staff have various opportunities to work together to diagnose orthodontic issues and use their work for research purposes as well.

4. Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine (Stony Brook, NY)

Like all other schools in this list, the School of Dental Medicine at Stony Brook University takes advanced steps to educate its students for becoming professional orthodontists. During the 1st year, students are taught the basic preventive measures for dental care in adults and children.

The advanced studies begin in 2nd year in which treatment is taught along with the preventive aspects in children. Clinical sessions are arranged in the 2nd year to teach students about comprehensive dental care in infants and children. Students also take part in various community outreach programs during the 2nd and 3rd year.

This 3-year program is a unique experience for students to learn practical knowledge and focus on diagnostic plans for orthodontic problems. Students who plan to further their expertise can also enrol in advanced program for Dentofacial orthodontics and strengthen their dentistry skills.

3. University of Michigan School of Dentistry (Ann Arbor, MI)

Only second to Harvard University, the University of Michigan’s School of Dentistry is 2nd oldest school in the US to provide dental education through service, research and discovery. Within this reputed school is the Sindecause Museum of Dentistry which is a unique museum devoted to preserve and exhibit the history of dentistry. It has more than 15,000 antique pieces some of which are 2 centuries old.

The school is equipped with State of the Art facilities to conduct world class research in the field of Orthodontics. The school also has a program of Global Initiative whose purpose is to improve Oral health around the world. Through this initiative, students and staff travel to different counties around the world and expand their expertise to local doctors and patients.

The school also allows its students to pick careers through a diverse variety. Students can either opt to teaching, research or Clinical practice and make their name in the field.

2. University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine (Philadelphia, PA)

The school of Dental Medicine at University of Pennsylvania is among the top schools for Orthodontics among all the Ivy League Institutions. The school is part of the extended Health system at the University. It was established in 1878 and till date remains one of the most foremost choice for students to become professional Orthodontists. The school is well known for its exceptional quality of education, innovation, research and clinical care.

The Robert Schattner Centre, located in the middle of University is an innovative place for students to conduct Oral surgeries including Maxillofacial surgery. There is also an emergency clinic located in the centre.

The school promotes interdisciplinary collaboration where students can acquire practical experience of their Orthodontic skills. To enhance research in the field, there is the Levy Centre for Oral Health Research. The Research Centre is equipped with renowned faculty and various experts who facilitate students into conducting innovative research for more discoveries in the field.

1. Univeristy of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry (Rochester, NY)

At the top of list is the school of Medicine and Dentistry of University of Rochester. It is the best Orthodontist school in the US which is evident from the fact that school is regarded as one of the top 35 Graduate schools in the country. The school offers its flagship graduate program through its Eastman Institute of Oral Health.

This program aims to develop students with clinical expertise it Orthodontics. The students gain an understanding of differential diagnosis and learn to associate biological aspects of patients with clinical aspects of Orthodontics. The courses offered at school are multidisciplinary in nature which develop evidence based analysis for clinical treatment. The school is a top choice that offers best Orthodontic Residency programs.

It is a tough choice to choose from the number of Orthodontic schools and Colleges, therefore, this list is a compilation of top Orthodontic schools based on their academic performance and clinical research. Best of Luck in pursuing your career at any of these Top Orthodontic colleges in the US!

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