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10 Best Scholarships for Left Handed People (Updated)

Researches have shown that nearly 10-12% of world population is left-handed. So if you’re a lefty, consider yourself from this rare group of people from around the world. Being a left-handed usually refers to those people who use their left hand altogether for their every work be it writing or playing or doing any chore.

In a world which is predominantly right-handed, being a lefty makes you unique and intriguing to many. Left-handed people are usually more creative and hence you will see many of them choosing arts subjects like music or history and so on.

While being a left-handed can sometimes get you in complicated situations which you may not be used to, it has its own perks as well.

Do you know some of the most famous people who are left handed? Well, here’s a list: Queen Victoria of England, Prince Charles, Barack Obama, Julius Caesar, Buzz Aldrin, Fidel Castro, Bill Gates, Robert DeNiro, H.G. Wells, Steve Jobs and many more. So if you ever feel anxious about being a lefty, remember this list. Maybe you could also end up on it sometime!

Some of you will be surprised to know that there are many scholarships which can be availed specifically by left-handers only. The aim of these scholarships is to promote a diverse environment of education according to the talent of left-handed people. Grants and scholarships for left handers is a great way to provide them with a conducive environment and to recognise their unique ability.

This article will help you by providing complete details of different scholarships which left-handed people can avail. Read on to know more!

Frederick and Mary F. Beckley Scholarship:

To honor the memory of Frederick Beckley, a left-handed entrepreneur and his spouse Mary F. Beckley, this scholarship is available for left handers in order to provide them with necessary financial assistance. This scholarship is available at a liberal arts college in Pennsylvania known as Juniata College.

Under this scholarship, students can have the amount of 1000-1500$ to assist their fees and other expenses. The basic purpose of this scholarship is to ease the financial burden of left-handers by recognizing the challenges they face in daily life.

This scholarship is a fine example of how left-handed people are recognized for their unique ability. Also, there are no hard and fast rules to acquire this scholarship but just some basic prerequisites.

The only thing is that a student; a left-handed one, should be enrolled in the college for at least a year. Other than that, there are no field restrictions which mean a left handed student from any field of study can apply for this scholarship.

Andrew Macrina Scholarship Fund:

If you are interested in the world of Culinary arts, then this scholarship is the perfect choice for land handers. Provided by American Culinary Federation Education Foundation, this scholarship is available to students who are enrolled in 2-year culinary course by AAC.

The grant provided by this scholarship is 1000$-2500$. As the culinary tasks may require students to use both left and right hands at times, an added benefit of this scholarship is that it provided students with opportunities to enhance their ambidextrous skills and adaptability in different circumstances.

Students interested in this scholarship should have a minimum CGPA of 2.5 with a past experience of culinary competitions. They should also have 2 recommendation letters and must be active in volunteer work as well.

James Beard Foundation National Scholarships:

The James Beard Foundation extends a generous 20,000$ scholarship to left-handed students in culinary arts, food science, agriculture, hospitality management, or related majors at accredited U.S. colleges. The scholarship aims to support education for left handers and has been a pivotal force in the culinary world for 25 years.

Recipients, chosen from ten geographic regions, exhibit excellence in leadership, community service, academics, and harbor clear career aspirations within the culinary industry.

The scholarship offers more than just financial assistance, providing recipients with invaluable networking opportunities within the culinary profession. Being a laureate of the James Beard Foundation National Scholarship adds prestige to one’s profile, enhancing visibility to potential employers.

With a focus on visibility and economic dimensions, this scholarship has diversified its recipients’ exposure to various topics. Students who aspire to explore the culinary world beyond just cooking should definitely prefer this grant as it will also cover their tuition, books and other educational expenses.

Eligibility criteria for this scholarship include enrolment as a full-time student in a participating U.S. college, being left-handed, a robust academic track record throughout, and a demonstrated commitment to leadership and community service.

Enid Hall Griswold Memorial Scholarship:

The Enid Hall Griswold Memorial Scholarship, facilitated by the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), caters specifically to left-handed individuals with a penchant for political science, government, history, or economics.

This scholarship, valued at 5000$, is annually awarded to two deserving college juniors or seniors in the United States. To qualify, applicants must be U.S. citizens, showcase financial need, and exhibit outstanding academic merit. Open to students enrolled in any accredited four-year university, the scholarship aims to ease the financial strain associated with higher education.

The scholarship aligns with DAR’s mission to encourage and support left-handed students pursuing studies in political science, history, government, or economics. In addition to this, The Lucinda Beneventi Findley History Scholarship is also recommended for history enthusiasts, potentially providing further financial assistance to passionate history scholars.

Left-handed individuals with exceptional academic qualifications are particularly encouraged to apply. For comprehensive details and application procedures, interested candidates can refer to the sponsor’s website.

Heineken USA Performing Arts Scholarship:

The Heineken USA Performing Arts Scholarship, valued at 3000$, is a program designed to support students interested in pursuing studies and careers in the performing arts, particularly theater. This scholarship, administered by the Congressional Black Caucus, is specifically tailored for African American individuals with a passion for music, opera, theater, and other performing arts.

Emphasizing the versatility of acting, the scholarship recognizes the potential for left-handed individuals to develop and showcase their skills, even portraying right-handed characters. The award is open to talented left-handed individuals pursuing bachelor’s degrees in drama, music, opera, theater, and related fields, offering financial assistance of up to $3,000.

To be eligible, candidates must be African American, U.S. citizens or legal residents, enrolled full-time in an accredited college, and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5. Demonstrating leadership aptitude is essential, and applicants are required to submit a two-minute visual recording sample as part of the application process.

The Heineken USA Performing Arts Scholarship, facilitated by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, aims to provide both financial support and opportunities for African American students to excel in their chosen performing arts disciplines at the collegiate level.

Frank J. Richter Scholarship Program:

The American Association of Railroad Superintendents offers the Frank J. Richter Scholarship, a 1000$ award for full-time college or university students in the U.S. or Canada. The scholarship is open to students pursuing any area of study, with a minimum GPA of 2.75.

While there is no specific major requirement, preference is given to those studying transportation-related fields. The students should be in their sophomore year and also need to provide 2 recommendation letters along with a statement.

This scholarship is given to students with an outstanding academic performance in accredited institutions. To submit an application for this scholarship, students must have a standard GPA, 2 recommendation letters along with a well-written essay. Although it is open to students from all majors but students with a transportation related major will be preferred.

Students who are already in the field of transportation and meet the requirement criteria should apply for this prestigious scholarship. This scholarship not only provides financial assistance but also recognizes the uniqueness of left-handed people.

MRCA Foundation Scholarship:

The MRCA Left-Handed Scholarship is a tailor-made opportunity for left-handed students who are interested in trade-related majors or architecture, engineering, construction, metallurgy, industrial design, or materials sciences.

This unique scholarship is specifically designed to cater the needs of left-handed students who are looking to pursue any trade-related course.

The Midwest Roofing Contractors Association (MRCA) offers a unique opportunity for individuals interested in pursuing careers related to property management or hands-on trades. This scholarships ranges from 500$ to 3000$ for students majoring in architecture, engineering, industrial design, material science, construction, metallurgy, or other trade-related fields.

Applicants need to demonstrate employment experience in the construction industry and show affiliation with an active MRCA member company in order to be eligible for this scholarship. The practical exposure in the field is a testament to benefit the eligible left-handed students.

The scholarship initiates at 500$ but can go on to the sum of 3000$ thus making it a great opportunity for left-handed students in these specific fields.

Basic requirements for this scholarship include a U.S citizenship, studying in an accredited college or trade school with a minimum GPA of 3. In addition to that, any practical or employment experience in the field ensures that the recipient of this scholarship has the understanding of the respective industry.

Parry & Pfau Southpaw Scholarship:

Commonly referred to as the Southpaw Scholarship, this is an annual program facilitated by the Pickard Parry-PFAU Law Firm. It is a fantastic opportunity for left handers in high school who maintain excellent academic performance to avail financial support in continuing their studies.

The scholarship awards recipients a 1500$ monetary grant to alleviate the financial challenges associated with their educational pursuits.

To qualify, applicants must be enrolled full-time at an accredited university, demonstrate unmet financial needs, and hold U.S. citizenship or legal residency. The unique focus on left-handed individuals acknowledges the distinctive hurdles they may face and underscores the commitment to fostering equal educational opportunities.

The inclusive nature of the scholarship extends its accessibility to both high school and graduate students, accommodating individuals at various academic stages. Emphasizing academic excellence, the selection process prioritizes merit, reinforcing the significance of outstanding scholarly achievements.

Online applicants are also encouraged to submit a brief YouTube video detailing their experiences as left-handed individuals, adding a personal touch to the application process.

James River Church Left-handed Scholarship:

The James River Church, in collaboration with Evangel University, sponsors this Left-Handed Scholarship, a 500$ award for aspiring leaders pursuing an associate degree on the James River Church campus.

High school seniors who committed to higher education are eligible for this four-semester scholarship. To apply for this grant, interested candidates must submit a 500-word essay detailing their left-handedness or present a portfolio showcasing creative works like drawings, paintings, or their photographic skills. The scholarship aims to financially assist left-handed students throughout their college journey, acknowledging the unique challenges and strengths associated with being left-handed.

Emphasizing the practical application of left-handedness in daily activities or work, the James River Leadership Club contest evaluates entries to select a deserving winner for the 500$ award.

This initiative underscores the James River Church’s commitment to supporting and encouraging left-handed individuals in their pursuit of educational excellence.

Lawyers Plus Southpaw Scholarship:

As the name suggests, this scholarship of worth 1500$ is available to the left-handed students who seek to pursue a career in legal field. Interestingly, the founder of this scholarship was a left-handed attorney. His aim behind introducing this scholarship was to highlight the issues and hurdle faced by lefties during their course of studies.

Students interested in applying are required to make a 2-minute video clip in which the will explain their left-handedness has impacted their life starting from their educational experiences.

The idea behind this unique way of applying is that students should be able to articulate that how their life journey has been because of the fact that they are left-handed.

Through this scholarship, students are not just provided with financial assistance but they are also given opportunities on how they can contribute to the legal field through their unique trait.

A great emphasis is also put on potential future advocacy, about utilizing the legal education gained to further alleviate the rights of left-handed individuals, possibly through class-action lawsuits addressing past instances of discrimination.

This scholarship advocates equal representation for left-handed people through their legal education and ultimately by showing the importance of their role in shaping an inclusive legal system.


In today’s world, being left-handed is no more as unique and as challenging as it used to be a few decades ago. And these scholarships and grants are a shining example of how lefties can take advantage of their unique trait and compete equally in all sorts of fields. So, if you’re a leftie and looking to ease some of your financial burden in your studies, this article is the place to start applying for these opportunities. Best of luck in your unique endeavor’s!

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