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10 Best Quick Certifications that Pay Well (Updated 2023)

Quick certifications are short courses people take to learn or upgrade their skills. They are less expensive compared to four-year degree programs. Besides, you can get a good job based on these certifications.

If you cannot afford a degree and are looking for ways out, these quick certificate programs would be the best option. They aid in grabbing a suitable job for you.

Moreover, these certification programs are also helpful if you consider switching careers. There are many options if you’re looking for a quick certification that opens the door to well-paying jobs.

Stick to the content till the end to enlighten yourself about the best quick certifications, in order of highest to the lowest potential for maximum earnings.

What are Certification Programs?

A certification program is a professional education designed to enhance or develop a particular skill. It can also be designed as part of a continuing education course. In this case, it builds on an existing knowledge base. Otherwise, basic skills and knowledge will be taught.

Certificates can be obtained in various fields. There are programs in engineering fields such as web design, business, healthcare, and computer science. Other certification programs are available in career areas such as photography.

How Quick Can These Certifications be?

Some certification programs can upsurge your salary, and you don’t have to spend much time. Certification programs could be from 3 months to over 2 years. The certifications studied in this article can be earned in the 3-month certification program or in the 6-month certification program:

  • 3-month certification program

A certification program that can be completed in three months is one of the fastest routes to certification. These include HVAC technicians, medical billing, web designers, and coding professionals.

  • 6-Month Certificate Program

Jobs that can be certified within a year include artisans, firefighters, personal trainers, and air traffic controllers.

Why Should You Enroll in a Certification Program?

This is why you should consider enrolling yourself in a professional certification program.

  • You will get a hand on experience of things with some personalized attention from the tutors.
  • They are less costly and worth spending on.
  • Moreover, certification programs have less duration so you can learn the skill quickly.
  • Certification programs are not a piece of general information, so they will aid in polishing your existing skill or help you develop a new hence making you eligible for a particular title.
  • Obtaining a certificate provides additional credentials on your resume.
  • Certificates are a great way to extend connectivity when you don’t have a well-established network. A certificate often involves learning, attending events, or networking with other professionals.

How Much do Quick Certification Programs Cost?

Certification fees vary depending on the program you apply for. Some classes are entirely free. Even though certification costs between $2,400 and $15,000! There are some additional costs associated with purchasing course materials and textbooks.

Let’s cut the crease and move toward a brief description of the best quick certifications that pay well.

10 Quick Certificate Programs that Pay Well

Here is the list of quick certificate programs that pay well. The certification programs mentioned below can be mastered from trade schools.

1.   Web Development

A web development certificate is very advantageous. A web developer designs and creates websites for those who need this service. And demand is high with promising prospects.

A web designer constantly checks a website’s performance and speed and does other things like website maintenance. Employment prospects are expected to increase by 13%.

2. Phlebotomy Certification

Phlebotomy is a blood draw certification that prepares you for a healthcare career. Phlebotomists take good samples of people for donation, research, or testing.

The accredited program teaches anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology, and during your training, you will identify, label, and track patient blood samples in the laboratory.

There are many job opportunities for phlebotomists, and employment growth is expected to increase by 25%. You can work in donor centers, laboratories, hospitals, and clinics.

3. Flight Attendant

This exciting job does not require one to do the long exhausting certification. It also pays well with the perks of traveling around the globe. Do an expedite certification, and you are all set to join any airline you prefer.

You have to be flexible when it comes to working hours. As per FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), you need to have an experience in customer care. So, if you are already from the hospitality field, you can easily switch to a flight attendant career.

Although this certification program is related to air traffic control, it does not take long to be accredited by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). In addition, cabin crew training covers emergency procedures, company operations, flight duties, and more.

4. Pharmacy Technician

A Pharmacy Technician is among quick certification programs that pay well. As a pharmacist, you work under the supervision of a pharmacist.

Your responsibilities will include preparing and submitting prescriptions. Pharmacy technicians also handle most customer inquiries that do not require pharmacist expertise.

5. Dental Assistant

Being a dental assistant, you have to work alongside a dentist. It also helps educate patients on how to care for their teeth. Training also provides skills in evaluating and managing dental problems.

The average salary of dental assistants is $42,310. A certification program lasts a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 12 months. Community colleges, vocational schools, and vocational schools offer these programs.

According to the Dental Assisting National Board, the average hourly wage for a certified dental assistant is $20.76, making him $2 more than a non-certified dental assistant.

6. Brokers & Real Estate Agents

Realtors buy and sell properties and help people find new homes. Negotiate prices, sign contracts with clients, and complete real estate transactions. To become a real estate agent, you must take a course in real estate principles and pass a state or local real estate agent exam.

Anyone can find this information on their website. You can also take online courses or through school to prepare for the exam. They require about 120 hours of training and must pass a final exam that costs $125 in most states.

Getting a real estate agent license usually takes about 4-5 months, which is enough to get started. Further, you will receive your broker’s license after 1 to 3 years of experience (depending on the state).

Most state realtors must have experience as licensed realtors to obtain a broker’s license. Requirements vary by state, but most require 1-3 years of experience.

7. Medical Records and Health Information Specialist

Medical records and health information specialists, also known as medical coders, help others organize their medical data. This is an excellent job for someone who likes working with numbers, organizing things logically, and is interested in the healthcare industry.

What are the appropriate qualifications for this position? Certifications available to medical records and health information professionals include CPC (Certified Professional Coder), RHIT0 (Registered Health Information Technician), and CCA (Certified Coding Associate)

This certification takes longer than most other certifications on this list. The acquisition takes at least nine months, but the most common period is one year. However, it is faster than studying.

8. HVAC Technician

HVAC technicians install and repair heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems in residential and commercial buildings. These technicians ensure that all these systems are running efficiently.

The best way to become an HVAC Technician or Installer is to complete community college-level training (which usually takes an average of 6 months) and take a certification exam.

The test cost is approximately $125 (varies by state). Around 150-200 hours of training must be completed, depending on the level (usually at a community college or local employment office).

The average HVAC company also has a lot of on-the-job training. Therefore, the turnover rate for this job is very low. In 2020, his median HVAC technician salary was $50,590.

If you hone your skills, it’s in high demand and can make you up to $80,000 a year. After all, every home has its HVAC system and, at some point, will need the help of a competent professional.

9. Computer Specialist

Computer support specialists help customers solve technical problems with their computers. This is an excellent job for anyone who loves technology and problem solving without the hassle of IT (it requires 24/7 phone service).

What are the suitable qualifications for a Computer Support Specialist? He has two options that will help him in this career path. The first is the CompTIA A+ certification, demonstrating proficiency in Windows operating systems and basic hardware troubleshooting.

The second option includes training to become a certified systems engineer for Microsoft, Cisco, or other technology companies.

Training will take about 6 months, and they expect the certification test to cost him $500 to $2000, depending on the number of certifications obtained.

10. Fitness Trainer

Fitness training is an easy certification that pay well. Many seek services that address weight, bodybuilding, and posture issues. You can work as a fitness trainer in hospitals, gyms, dance studios, and sports facilities.

Alternatively, we can cater to individual customer needs. Generally, entry into this field requires a high school diploma, but an associate’s degree can also increase your chances of landing a higher-paying job.

Additionally, depending on your commitment, you can enroll in an online program and become certified within six months. Still, there are specific programs that will improve your reputation in the field.

Coaches and educators earn up to $40,510 annually, but the maximum annual salary is $76,550.

Easy Certifications for Jobs Without a Degree

If you do not have a degree but want to earn well via doing some easy certifications that pay well. Here is what you can do.

  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Reactor Operator
  • Funeral Director
  • Firefighter
  • IT Support
  • Nuclear Technician
  • Network Support Specialist
  • Sales Representative
  • Nuclear Medicine Technician
  • Elevator Technician
  • Insurance Agent
  • Railway Conductor
  • Avionics Technician

5 Best Free Certifications that Pay Well

Below is the listing of free certifications that pay well, along with the sources where you can do these courses;

  • Web Design by UDEMY
  • HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification Course
  • Google Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
  • Google Ads Certification
  • Google Analytics Academy Courses

IT Certificate Programs that Pay Well

If you are a beginner and want to sneak into the IT world, here is where you get lead from.

  • Google-Certified Professional Cloud Architect.
  • AWS Certified Developer – Associate.
  • Project Management Professional (PMP).
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified Solutions Architect.
  • Certified ScrumMaster.
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE): Server Infrastructure.
  • Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).
  • Certified in Risks and Information Systems Control (CRISC).
  • Certified Information Security Manager (CISM).
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

Where Can I Get My Certification?

You can get different types of certificates online. For example, you can get technical certifications through Coursera. Countless other websites offer certification courses.

Some areas require completion of an in-person certification course.


By now, you would know the best quick certification that pay well. We suggest you make every minute productive of your day. You can upgrade your skills or switch careers if you are bored of sitting at the same table for years.

You can shortlist the courses that fascinate you the most from the listings mentioned in the content above. Just keep your financial situation and personal and professional interests in mind. Rest all will fall in place.


What certifications can you get in 3 months?

  • Web designer
  • HVAC technician
  • IT Support
  • Personal Fitness Trainer
  • Brick Mason
  • Phlebotomy Certification
  • Medical billing and coding specialist
  • Licensed Real Estate Agent and Broker
  • Truck Driver

What online courses are in demand?

Below is the list of the most demanding online courses in 2022;

  • Digital Marketing
  • Cloud Computing
  • SEO Specialist
  • Data Science
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Software Development
  • Full stack development
  • Networking
  • Cyber security
  • Blockchain

Can I get a good job with a quick Certification?

Yes, you can get a good job with a quick certification like web development, assistant to medical practitioners, computer specialist, etc.

What are the best free and paid certifications from Google?

Here is the list of 11 best free and paid certifications from Google,

  • Google Ads Search Certification (Free)
  • Google Digital Marketing Certification (Free)
  • Google Shopping Ads Certification (Free)
  • Google Ads Display Certification (Free)
  • Google Analytics Individual Certification (Free)
  • Google Data Analytics Certificate (Paid)
  • Google Digital Marketing and eCommerce Certificate (Paid)
  • Google IT Support Professional Certificate (Paid)
  • Google UX Design Certificate (Paid)
  • Google Project Management Certificate (Paid)
  • Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate (Paid)

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