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Top 10 Party Schools in the US

The college experience is no longer limited to classes or faculty. College is about experiencing the highs and lows of campus life. Socializing, partying, experiencing food and cultures is just as if not more important to a person’s learning during their time in college. It is simply a requirement of the times.

Students want the complete college experience, culture, diversity, and parties, are just as important as education for grooming and exposure. Which is why schools have made an active effort to offer the best of everything to their students.

Learning is no longer limited to the class; the freedom of a bar might encourage a healthier debate than the confines of a classroom after all. The creativity of experiment accompanies the limitations of the text to create the best results.

Above everything, when college gets tough, as it does almost every day, students need a place where they can go to actively distress. Parties in that way help students maintain their mental health. Colleges understand this and try to offer the best and the most versatile of these experiences to their prospective students.

In this regard some colleges have more to offer than the rest, and as this is without a doubt an era of reviews, the best way to find out about school life is not from a prospectus or any advertisements rather from student and alumni reviews.  Let’s look at our list of the top ten best party schools in the US, and you can decide which one suits your needs the best.

  1. West Virginia University:

There is not much confusion about why West Virginia makes it to the list. The school understands the importance of distressing for academic growth, this is obvious in how the school year even begins. The school year starts with a weeklong fall fest that includes among other thing musical nights, free food, parties and concerts by artists ranging from Kanye went to Adam LeVine!

Music and free food are hardly all there is to it. at this school, there is something for everyone. From music to food, from sports to bars, there is something for everyone! The blue and old gold of west Virginia can get anyone worked up and the night life can get anyone relaxed, it is the perfect combination of work hard play hard.

  1. University of Georgia:

In the truest American fashion, university of Georgia comes together in its most rivalry based, celebratory culture when it goes up against its biggest rival, Florida gators. The university lights up, quite literally at anything football related.

These parties are not just parties, having their own individual names, these parties are considered to be the biggest in the southeast. University of Georgia is the ideal school for anyone looking to de-stress regularly through sports or even just enjoying parties throughout the university and slowly getting attached to the culture of comradery and football fandom!

  1. Florida State University:

The only term more synonymous to Florida than alligator-man is partying. Students from across the country travel to Florida in their summer break to de-stress, which means that Florida state university has a lot of expectations to fulfil.

The thing that stands out among all the other fun aspects such as parties, the nightlife, dance clubs and dine out options, is also the 54 fraternities that are home to Florida state university. The 6000 plus members of these sororities and fraternities have the privilege of working with the university to make the life on campus better and more appealing to all.

On top of all that, the university is home to FSU’s Innovative Hub. It’s a space for tech geeks to go crazy with their creativity. It’s a special kind of party for the nerds. Who says the party has to be limited to pubs and clubs?? True inclusivity has an option for everyone!

  1. Southern Methodist University:

Situated in one of the biggest cities in the United States of America: Dallas, Southern Methodist university offers its students all that the city has to offer, a true diverse experience, a true culturally vibrant experience, and a promise for more.

The diversity then brings together impromptu events almost every night! It is the ideal place for anyone looking to widen their horizons, experience cultures and to learn about them. The nightlife is as vibrant as the student body and the city is!

The cherry on top perhaps is that the university doesn’t necessarily believe that off campus experience is enough which is why, several schools regularly host a variety of events from concerts to exhibitions, if it’s an expression of art the university will promote it!

  1. University of Mississippi:

One of the most beautiful university campuses in the United States is that of the university of Mississippi. Not just the landscape but even the buildings hold such historical significance that is undeniable. But that is far from all that the university has to offer.

The university has a greatly accepting nature. On campus you will find anything and everything that is not a crime be a reality. Outrageous costumes and parties make the events that would be considered festivals in other universities elevated to the level of carnivals in the university of Mississippi.

It is a place that is bound to widen a student’s horizons the farthest which is why it is so high on our list. university of Mississippi is like one village with the best night life and everyone being their whole selves!

It is the best option for anyone who is looking for a less pretentious more authentic human experience.

  1. Indiana University:

Indiana university is the true beacon of student power. Students host annual events like little 500, which is a bike race and annual dance marathon, where all the money earned goes to charity events.

But this is hardly all there is to it, as number 5 on our list, Indiana university should have something special, and it does! It is home to over 65 fraternities and almost 750 student organizations. These organizations work together to host events for several causes all year round. Apart from that it is one of last few universities to host a welcome and a homecoming week.

When it comes to sports, Indiana boasts a fandom of not just football and most other universities do, but also one of basketball! The basketball seasons is one of the most exciting times to be on campus!

Another fascinating thing about Indiana university is the fact that the bars and other night life caters to student needs, which means there are separate happy hours and late-night entertainment.

Indiana is ideal for anyone who likes to party but also likes to be in control. The student power here is not to be reckoned with and that’s what makes it so attractive!

  1. Tulane University New Orleans:

When it comes to partying, to not mention New Orleans is almost a crime. New Orleans is and has been known throughout history for being happening. There is always something going on and we are here for it!

Tulane goes above and beyond for students; students are given multiple options for how they want to take their classes and when. Aside from that, the city always has some festival or event going on but on top of that the campus night life is as lit as the history of the city itself!

But perhaps the most fascinating of all, when it comes to Tulane university is its after dark program. The amazing thing about the after dark program is that it allows for everyone to party.

After dark program is not limited to parties and movies, rather it features more introverted options such as trivia nights and “drumroll” even knitting! The perfect party options for introverts, its 2022 guys, partying is no longer limited to drinking and music, my introverts can enjoy knitting session and call that partying also!

  1. University of Southern California:

Situated in Los Angeles, the University of Southern California lives up to the hype of the city. The university seems to have found the perfect balance between work and fun. The university is home to a number of student organizations working constantly to make it more appealing and inclusive.

Hosting parties of such diverse causes such as the LGBTQ+ mixers, costume parties, and campus wide game nights! The student organizations make life on campus as interesting as it would be in other parts of Los Angeles.

But that’s not all, the highlight perhaps, of the university is the row. The row is a street that is home to multiple fraternity and sorority houses on campus. There is a party on the row every single night!

A party every single night means that no matter what the situation is, no matter what a student wants to de-stress about, there is always an outlet available. Let me explain, university of southern California, even without the row would make it to the top 10 best party schools. But because of the row, it is one of the top 3 party schools in the United States of America!

  1. Michigan State University:

Michigan state university ranks number 2 on our list. when you read the description, you are going to ask yourself why? It has the same nightlife and sports events that almost every other college offers, then why is it number 2?

Let me explain, first of all, the party culture, although may seem like any other university on paper, is much more intense. Everything is Sparty themed. Sparty is their mascot. Sparty themed Marti gras, Sparty themed bar mitzvahs and all. Michigan is a very outgoing university with much to offer to extroverts looking to de-stress and have a good time.

The party culture is so huge in Michigan state university that the school coordinates with the city administration to raise awareness about party guidelines. Which is a great initiative but just goes to emphasize why it’s the 2nd best party school in the United States of America and why it is the perfect haven for extroverts!

  1. University of Illinois:

The perfect party schools. Period. No arguments. Why? Let me explain.

Home to 1800 student organizations that work to make life easier around campus focusing on destressing and enabling the best of the college going experience. The university has a massive fraternity and sorority presence which means that alcohol is in abundance.

While the legal drinking age in USA including Illinois is 21 but the legal age to enter a bar is 18 and 19 considering what part of the university you are in. This means that the nightlife opportunities are much more video and in abundance in university of Illinois. Parties and concerts that would be banned in other states and therefore permitted for students at university of Illinois.

The college also hosts all of the other events also, the food, the nightlife, the football season specially is often celebrated with body paint and parties that are as huge as actual festivals. Illinois is the perfect party school.


The disruptions above may have made you forget about the education aspect of college, but education remains the priority. These are highly competitive colleges offering some of the finest degrees in the whole of united states of America.

Having said that, they are acutely aware of the stress that their students are under and the fact that freedom is essential for creativity to thrive and learning to be maximized which is why schools and school cultures focus so much on offering students non-traditional outlets.

Some may assume that party schools may hinder education, but that is hardly the case, these schools produce highly competitive people every year. And it is partially because of their party culture that they are able to do so.

So, find the school that matches your vibe, find a school that matches your energy, work hard party hard, and get the best out of the university going experience that you can!

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