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Best Track and Field Colleges in USA

College track is one of the most popular sports in the World. Moreover, every renowned and prestigious college looks for well-rounded athletes who show exemplary academic performance besides representing the college in sports.  Consequently, the most important factors in college track recruiting include times, distances, and heights.

College track and field scholarships are offered at NCAA Division 1 and Division 2 Levels. Above all, It’s an incredible opportunity for any athlete student to pursue their education while challenging at the highest collegiate levels. Therefore, we have brought list of the Best track and field colleges in USA for you.

Track and field recruitment standards;

Track and field recruiting standards vary across divisions, a conference within each division, and College within each conference. Though, each college sets its track and field standards for recruiting athlete students. Also, scholarship standards are even tougher. Meanwhile, it’s essential to understand the difference between being good enough to get admission assistance and being good enough to get a track and field scholarship.

The only best way to know about standards in any specific college is to ask. Just pick up the phone, and get the required information.

In simple terms, D1 colleges are most prominent in athletic conferences. Certainly, they have the toughest track and field recruiting standards, also very competitive athletes. Colleges such as Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Dartmouth, UPenn, Cornell, and Brown fall somewhere between the Large D1 and D2.

How to get an athletic scholarship?

The most frequently asked question from students is how to get a track and field scholarship. For Track scholarships, coaches evaluate and decide whether you can make up to their team or not. Unlike other sports coaches, track coaches are upfront about the time and mark you need to make to get a scholarship.

Most importantly, the best thing is to contact the coaches’ staff and ask what it takes to make their team and earn a college track scholarship.

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College Coaches mainly focuses on;

  • Ability to compete and score across multiple events, as long as a recruit is fast, coaches are willing to work on their techniques
  • Recruits must have good biomechanics and top-end speed and be willing to step up their distances, some are even asked to run across the country
  • Their running style is focused during the recruitment by best track and field colleges
  • Throwers with good size, athleticism, and room to improve
  • Coaches look for athletes with good marks and undoubtedly improve with year-round training

What is NCAA?

National Collegiate Athletic Association is a member-led organization that functions as general legislative and administrative for men’s and women’s intercollegiate athletics. Above all, it sets eligibility criteria for athletes, and formulate rules to play for various sports, and enforces them.

Stanford University


Stanford University is the top leading university that provides both men’s and women’s track scholarships program. It is among the best track and field colleges in USA. Though, it’s the most competitive institute to get into. It has a Pacific-12 conference with Division NCCA I. Certainly, it offers Baseball, field hockey, Cheerleading, Football, men’s basketball, Men’s Diving, Men’s Golf, Men’s swimming, Lacrosse, Water Polo, Ice Hockey, Tennis, Volleyball, Softball and women’s diving, gymnastics, Soccer, Ice Hockey, Rowing, Swimming, Lacrosse, Tennis, Volleyball, and Water polo, and Wrestling.

Conference: Pacific -12 Conference (Division 1, Football I-A), Member of Mountain Pacific Sports Federation (Division I) Northern Pacific Field Hockey Conference (Division I)

Division: NCAA I

Tuition out of state: $49, 61/

Tuition in State: $49,617

College Type: Private

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Princeton University


Princeton University with NCAA Division 1 is the top-ranking college for best track and field program. Above all,  it has one of the largest and most successful athletic programs in the NCAA Division I and the lvy league. Almost 18 percent of undergraduate students participate in sports spanning 37 varsity men’s and women’s teams.

Likewise, it offers sports as Stanford College for both men and women. Its conference is The Ivy League (NCAA Divison-1-AA football).

College type: Private, Suburban

Tuition In sate: $47,140

Tuition out of State: & 47, 140

Conference: The Ivy League (NCAA Division 1-AA Football, Division 1)

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University of Florida


The University of Florida offers the best track &field program for  college students and offers a scholarship. The University is NCAA Division 1. It has the best athletic program that offers different facilities. Its football training center will be completed in spring 2022. Moreover, 67-year-old Condron, CEO, and founder of The Conlan Company is the greatest donor who provides the UF football team best indoor facilities for practice.

College type: Public, Urban

Tuition in State: $6, 381

Tuition out of State: $28,659

Division: NCAA 1

Conference: Southeastern Conference (Division 1, Football I-A): NCWA Wrestling

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University of Michigan


Another university with NCAA Division 1 is University of Michigan. The university has best Varsity sport, Facilities, Club & Intramural Sports, summer sports programs and recreational sports &fitness program. It provides life changing opportunities for athletes including 900 student athletes across 29 sports. Students, faculty, and staff regularly participate in dozens of intramural, club sports and fitness activities. which makes it the best college for track and field programs.

Founded: 1817

College type: Public, Urban

Tuition in State: $14,826

Tuition out of State: $47,476

 Division: NCAA I

Big Ten Conference (Division I, Football I-A), Central Collegiate Hockey Association (Division I), Collegiate Water Polo Association (Division I)

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Purdue University



Purdue University is also among the top universities offering track scholarships for athletes. It offers sports both for men and women including Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball, Track, Wrestling, Basketball, and track for Men. You can join its sports club and Intramural sports, also Golf courses, Tennis center, Aquatics center, and join John Purdue Club. Besides, it has the best recreation &wellness program, fitness, and wellness program.

Founded: 1869

Tuition in State: $9,992

Tuition out State: $28,794

Division: NCAA 1

Conference: Big Ten Conference Division I, Football I-A

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In conclusion, Track& field scholarships for athletes are not limited to these. Certainly, thousands of Colleges and schools are working on having the best Athletes. Besides the above-mentioned colleges, other top Tracking and field programs are provided by the University of California, the University of North Carolina At Chapel Hill, Yale University, and University of Virginia, Massachusetts Institute of Technology-MIT, University of Washington, Duke University, Columbia University, Rice University and the University of California-Irvine. Moreover, we would recommend going through the official pages of these Universities and getting to connect with the concerned person for the latest and relevant information that would help you find the best athlete program.

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