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10 Best Medical Schools for Orthopedic Surgeons [Updated]

Every individual dreams of pursuing their interests in the best possible manner, irrespective of how tough the duty may be. Being an orthopedics surgeon falls in the ‘tough’ career options. However, with the right amount of ambition and commendable guidance, this career option can become easier to achieve.

For this very reason, the highlight of our article today is the best medical schools for orthopedic surgeons. If you are planning to opt for this career path and are in search of the best-med schools for orthopedic surgeons, then you dear readers have arrived at your destination.

This article will introduce you to orthopedics as a career option and let you know the top colleges for orthopedics surgeons. Let’s start!

What does it mean to be an Orthopedic Surgeon?

An orthopedics surgeon specializes in treating musculoskeletal disorders and congenital health issues. Hence, the training is long and requires complete patience on behalf of the aspirants. So, if you have made up your mind to do it, you need a top-rated orthopedic medical school to help you get there. The reason behind this is the length of time it takes to complete the journey.

To become an orthopedic surgeon, you need to graduate as an undergrad in biology or chemistry followed by four years of med school, a year of internship, three to four years of residency, and lastly, a year of fellowship. Therefore, complete clarity of the decision and the best medical school for orthopedic surgery are the most essential components of this equation.

Do not worry; this article will take care of the second part of the equation, you just make sure you are final about the first. Ahead listed will be the best medical schools for orthopedic surgeons. Read up to gear up for your research.

The University of California, San Francisco

Ranking 15 in the list of the schools known for their education and training, the University of California, San Francisco tops our list of the best medical school for orthopedic surgeons for multiple reasons.

The University is one the oldest in the block, dating back to 1873, from where it has only reached higher. Since then, the university has equipped its departments with state-of-the-art technology to continue being the center producing excellent professionals. To date, due to this commitment, it has earned countless accolades to its name, amongst which are seven Nobel Laureates!

However, the cherry on top is the highly inclusive environment that welcomes and appreciates diversity; the perfect platform to kick start your orthopedics career in a stress-free, receptive environment. For further information on the program details and fee structures of the University, click here.

Johns Hopkins University, Maryland

Founded in 1876, Johns Hopkins University has rightfully become America’s leading research university. The university’s orthopedics department was founded in 1900 by their leading surgeon William Halsted and has since, through research and applaudable practice contributed to the field of orthopedics. It is for this lauded prospectus that the University has found its way to our list. In addition, the University has a strong alumni community that keeps the trainees and the graduates connected and is, resultantly, a great place to network around in the community.

An inclusive and conducive environment is very important for medicine students. Johns Hopkins will give you exactly that. For further details into the schedules of the programs and the currently ongoing research, click here.

University of Pennsylvania Perelman, Philadelphia

Residency is one of the most crucial parts of medical training, hence, it should not come as a surprise that an institution known for this will be included in this list. The University of Pennsylvania has an impressive resume in this regard, therefore, listed as the third best place to look up in our orthopedic medical schools’ list. The University has a close-knit community of researchers, doctors, and nurses, who all work together to ensure the best services to patients and to stay up to date on the technology best suited for this task. Moreover, the location itself is in the city known for its inclusivity, allowing the aspirants to focus on their careers and explore the city. Added to this is the exhaustive list of specializations available for you to explore and then train in. To check out the Department for admission information, click here.

University of Washington, Seattle

The Department of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine is one of the departments for which the University of Washington is recognized due to its principles of inclusivity and civility which drive the department ethos. This surgery program is a complete package for aspiring orthopedics surgeons as it provides them a program in medicine, internships, residency, and fellowships! All the required components to achieve your goals. Since the program is detailed and extensive, hence, naturally the faculty is highly experienced and comprises practitioners from the field, allowing you first-hand access to the world of orthopedic surgery, making it a dream orthopedic medical school. For further details, click here.

University of California, Los Angeles

UCLA is a name well recognized by the student community. A good school can change everything, and UCLA promises you this. UCLA has an MD in Medicine, but that is not the only reason it makes it to our best medical schools for orthopedic surgeons list. The school allows merit-based scholarships to med school students, a rare case in the field of medicine, therefore, if you are willing to commit but lack the finances, look this place up, here.

University of Michigan Ann Harbor

Applied learning is essential from day 1 of your education. The purpose of education is to prepare you for the real world and all the best-med schools for orthopedic surgery mentioned in this list so far understand this. The University of Michigan is yet another institute with a curriculum built around academics and training, therefore, it is one of the schools which will allow you to start a medicine journey and will stay with you till the very end. In addition to an M.D license, it allows its students to carry on to Ph.D. levels, in case you decide to pursue medical research as well. To begin your journey in a top orthopedic surgeon school like this, click here.

Stanford University, California

Stanford does not need any introductions. A well-reputed faculty, advanced research, experienced faculty, updated curriculums, and a close-knit network of trainees; all these features have naturally landed Stanford in our best medical schools for orthopedic surgeons list. To point out specifics, the University’s unique patient care system is one more reason to check the school out, with each case study as the first out its kind, the trainees learn with each case, a feature that makes them stand out amongst the crowd. Do check the school further, here.

University of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

The Orthopedic surgery department at the University of Pittsburg was founded in 1953 with the principles of delivering the best medical care to patients of all ages, and they have successfully stuck to this principle. Their specialty, however, is children’s care. So, if you are looking for an orthopedic surgeon school focused on childcare, Pittsburg is the place to be. For a further look into the faculty and program details of the school, click here.

The University of Chicago

The University of Chicago’s medicine school; Pritzker School of Medicine believes in innovation in medicine; therefore, they are focused on medical research in combination with training. For this, they have state-of-the-art technology available to make sure that those who choose the University of Chicago as their orthopedics surgery school will not be disappointed. In addition, they have student-run clinics allowing students to engage in practice while learning, making their tasks easier. Hence, if you love a good deep-dish pizza and want to be an orthopedic surgeon, Chicago is the place to be! For further details, click here.

Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science, Minnesota

If you are sorted out for your medical school but are looking for a graduate school to specialize in, then Mayo Clinic is the place to be. It is a graduate-only facility allowing you to pursue your passion with maximum efficiency. Mayo Clinic College offers residency in all their branches alike, so, if you want to specialize in orthopedic surgery but cannot to Minnesota, you can still opt for Florida. The College offers Physical Therapy Orthopedics residency and fellowships in both Minnesota and Florida, choose as per your ease! To look further into how you can do this, click here.

Choosing a career is tough and then sticking to your choice is even more so, but, with the right college, this journey is bearable. Afore listed are the best medical schools for orthopedic surgeons, hence, if you’ve made up your mind about it, then read the list, pick your school of choice and apply. Good Luck!

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