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The Best D2 Academic Schools (Updated)

Athletics is a necessary part of education. However, academic education can also not be overlooked because of sports. Therefore, it becomes a challenge for students to balance studies and sports. However, division II schools offer a striking balance between sports and studies. Therefore, d2 schools are the best option for students to attain academic success and sports achievement together.

The article enlists the best d2 academic schools for students to pursue sports without compromising studies.

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Widely popular for its academic excellence, California State Polytechnic University of Pomona enables students to thrive in athletics and academics simultaneously. It offers a rich catalogue of degree programs to students. The major degree programs it is known for are of engineering and business.

Due to capable faculty and educational environment, it becomes easy for students to pursue their education along with sports. The university staff ensures guidance and mentorship of students at every level.

It is located in southern California providing the students with an opportunity to network in a diverse community as well as explore internship and job opportunities.

There is a wide range of sports option available to students including basketball, baseball, soccer, volley ball etc. In addition to that, the university offers sports related financial aid to a number of students. According to the statistics provided by the university, $3,655 have been allocated as scholarship for a total of 310 students.

The university has an acceptance rate of 61% and graduation rate of 69%.

Colorado School of Mines

Colorado school of mines competes as one of the best NCAA division 2 academic school. It provides a perfect equilibrium between education and athletics. It has not only achieved excellent academic successes but is also popular for its accomplishments in sports.

There are various undergraduate and graduate programs offered by the Colorado School of Mines involve hands-on learning, research skills and practical orientation. The major academic programs offered are STEM i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Moreover, the association of university to a vast network of industries also makes career placements easier for students.

There are many opportunities and facilities created for students to make their athletic journey enjoyable. The stadiums, arenas and recreation centers have been created for students to fully explore their athletic potential.

However, they have acceptance rate varying between 55% and 60% with 5,200 enrollments and selective admission. Therefore, they can be quite hard to get into.

University of Indianapolis (Ulndy)

Located in Indiana, the University of Indianapolis has an access to expanding job sector. Ulndy has a wide array of degree programs offered to students including health sciences, business, arts, education etc. The expert faculty of Undly has amplified the learning environment of university.

The university accepts students of all backgrounds, races and ethnicities.

The creative and methodical faculties of students are enhanced through research projects. Fostering critical thinking and problem solving abilities in students are kept under concentration.

The alumni vast alumni network also enables students to explore different opportunities. There are also volunteering and other community services for engagement. In addition, there are laboratories, libraries and other recreational opportunities available to students.

Ulndy is not only a member of NCAA division II academic schools but is also part of Great Lakes Valley Conference. The teams of Undly are known for their competitiveness and athletic abilities. They have 23 teams, all of which participate in Great Lake Valley Conference.

It has an acceptance rate of 77.9%.

The Grand Valley State University (GVSU)

The Grand Valley State University in Michigan is the best option for students looking for academically excellent division 2 schools. The degree programs offered by the university ranges in a variety of fields. Business, health sciences, engineering and liberal art are available options for students to pursue.

Health sciences is the major area the university is widely recognized for. The university offers hands-on training of physical therapy and clinical training.

Research opportunities are huge and the faculty makes the research pursuits easy for students.

The university is a member of Great Lakes Inter Collegiate Athletics Conference. The Lakers, as they call themselves, are always enthusiastic members of the competition.

Not only that, students are also made to experience the facilities of stadiums, training centers and Fieldhouse arenas. There are also various opportunities of outdoor activities available to students.

The Grand Valley State University has an acceptance rate of 91.7%.

Simon Fraser University (SFU)

Simon Fraser University is a good option of NCAA division schools for students in British Columbia. It holds an excellent research portfolio enabling students to enhance their research skills. Moreover, it also provides hands on learning in a variety of degree programs it offers which include environmental sciences, health sciences and technology.

SFU also focuses on interdisciplinary education and therefore incorporate multiple discipline going beyond the boundaries of traditional education.

SFU has a rich catalogue of publications and patents. In addition to that, it also enables student to engage with a vast industry network. This allows students easy access to internships and jobs.

It has a variety of sports grounds and courts available where various intercollegiate competitions are held frequently. Top-notch equipment is made available to ensure excellence. Additionally, there are yoga and dance studios.

It has an acceptance rate of 59%.

Rollins College Florida

Rollins College Florida is an excellent division II school with a rigorous focus on education. It ensures small class sized to ascertain quality education and learning environment. The average class size is usually 17 while the ratio of students to faculty is usually 10:1.

The array of academic programs offered are wide and extensive. Keeping in view the job market, new disciplines are introduced. They offer programs in health sciences, liberal arts, environmental studies and business. The faculty is also capable, co-operative and research oriented.

Service learning and community partnerships are used as tools to ensure maximum learning.

Rollins College also offers a diverse array of sports including basketball, soccer, rowing, sailing and beach volleyball etc. In addition, there are various sports clubs available for students to join. There are separate programs and opportunities available related to fitness as well.

It has an acceptance rate of 49%.


The best d2 academic schools have been listed down for you with their acceptance rates, sports facilities and learning dynamics. However, it is recommended to visit the university website for a detailed insight.

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