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Best Classroom Timers For Teachers and Students

Teachers often struggle in time management, transition between activities and overall regulation of class. These difficulties lead to less teaching efficiency and incomplete learning outcomes. Because kids are usually quite spontaneous and impulsive, it is easy for them to distract their teacher from the task at hand.

If you are a teacher who is dealing with the issue of managing schedule and task completion of her kids, a classroom timer is your savior.

However, with so many options of classroom timers available, selecting one that is perfect for your kids can be tiresome.

Therefore, to help you out, this article outlines the 4 top-tier timers and their features. The description of timers below give you a quick insight of their pros and cons. So, let’s begin right in.

1) 12 inch Visual Time Timer

12 inch Visual Time Timer

This 60 minutes timer is the best option for primary teachers because it has a visual countdown. It helps kids to check the remaining time of their activities at a glance. Moreover, it’s a boon for big classrooms as the bright red color enables students in the far-fetched corners have a clear look at it.

Moreover, it comes with a dry-erase activity card that can help teachers add extra instructions or divide the timeframe for different tasks. It is also easy to operate and can be hanged on a wall, displayed at a desk or attached to metallic surfaces.

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2) Learning resources Time Tracker

This 1 piece classroom tracker is a double treat because it incorporates both visual and audible cues. For visual display, it has light in three different colors that can be used in different ways depending on the nature of activity.

One easy use can be red for start, yellow for half time and green for end of the task. The alarm sound at every color also alerts students of the remaining time. The time is also visible via the LCD display.

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3) Jumbo Sound Timer

If you are looking for a soundless timer, this jumbo sound timer is ideal for you. It is made with soft rubber and flat top and bottom ends that prevent any sound production. Moreover, it works like an hourglass making it easier for kids to keep track of the time.

To make things even more comfortable, it comes in the set of four. All the four timers are designed for different times. The time is mentioned on top cap of each timer. One disadvantage is that it cannot be used for long activities because it only has 1 minute, 2 minute, 5 minute and 10 minute timers.

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4) Ashley Analog Timer

For those of you who are looking for a digital timer, Ashley analog timer is a life saver. The time display is easy to read and it can also be easily operated. Its alarm ring is audible even in big classrooms. Moreover, the timer is flexible enough to stand alone on a desk or be stick to metallic surfaces.

However, make sure that its 3.75’x 2.5 size is suitable for your classroom while making a purchase.

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Now that you have a list of best timers, just keep in mind that the size, sound, visibility, time setting and display of time is best suited for your kids and classroom. If you use this knowledge wisely, no one can stop you from buying the best classroom timer. Good luck!

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