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The Best 5 Affordable Chromebooks For Back-To-School Or Distance Learning

You are a student ready for back-to-school and suddenly realize that your old device is big and heavy, battery dies out fast, loading web pages takes ages, screen display is dim and functionality is close to zero.

Maybe you are looking for an affordable chromebook to assist you in distance learning. Easy set-up, quick web browsing, high speed internet, portability and clear screen display are some of your priorities.

Or you might be a parent looking for best Chromebook options for your children with parental controls.

This article is a single solution to all your problems because it outlines the best 5 chrome books for students in affordable prices. Whether you or your child is in elementary school, middle school, high school or a distant learner, the 5 best Chromebooks listed below are affordable for students and have all the features you are looking for.

1) Acer Newest Spin Chromebook

If you often struggle with slow loading browsers or your device gets hang when running multiple applications, I have a good news for you. The Acer newest spin, operating on 8GB RAM, will give you your desired productivity boost.

Whether you have an email to send to your teacher, a pending task to do research on or some photos from your summers trip to edit, its AMD Ryzen 3 processor has made multitasking easy and efficient for you.

With its 360 degree hinge back and 14 inch display, you can now convert it into laptop mode, tablet mode, stand mode or tent mode. Its flexible and adaptable screen is a go-to for presentations, video calls, media consumption and even gaming.

All these featured topped with its compact and light size makes it the best Chromebook for back-to-school. It is hard to find an ideal Chromebook like this in an affordable price. It deserves to go into your cart.

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2) Lenovo 3i Chromebook

The Lenovo 3i Chromebook is your perfect replacement for an all-purpose computer.

Processing on 8GB RAM and 64 GB flash storage, it has best speed, power efficiency and durability. The Intel Celeron Chromebook has smooth and quick boot times that help you get on with your study tasks hassle-free.

To make your life even easier, its Linux-based chrome OS has verified boot and privacy shutter to take care of your security and privacy concerns.

It also has 10 hours long battery life that enables you to have long study sessions with no worry to recharge it. Its functionality has been made further versatile with full connectivity system that enables you to connect your peripheral devices.

Its 15.6 inches screen display aids in making virtual learning, reading and research more comfortable and convenient for students. It also has sleek and light casing which not only makes it portable but also easy to toggle and flip.

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3) ASUS Chrome Book C424

If you are looking for a handy and stylish Chromebook to take along with you wherever you go, ASUS has got you.

This thin C424 Chromebook with Intel dual core Celeron processor has 4GB RAM and 128GB storage. Its efficient processing system will make your academic experience less effortful and more convenient.

Its design has been made to enhance its portability. It has a slim bezel styled screen display that keeps it lightweight. In addition, compact chassis has been installed in it to make it more space-saving. The 14 inch screen display has also been made anti-glaring which makes it workable for both indoor and outdoor environments.

With fully featured Google workspace, it allows access to a variety of apps on Google play and keep the productivity clock in check.

Its 180 degree lay flat hinge comes useful to students in presentations, note taking and drawing. It also has a 10 hours long battery life. Thus, it is capable of meeting diverse study requirements.

One huge benefit it is offering is Google 100GB free cloud storage for a whole year. So, if you want to avail yourself this opportunity, purchase it NOW.

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4) Samsung Chrome book 4

If you are looking for an extremely budget friendly chromebook that does not compromise in quality, your quest should end on Samsung chromebook 4. The chromebook is a perfect marriage of chrome OS and Samsung features. Its 4GB RAM with Intel Celeron processor will assist you in tackling your homework like a pro.

Downloading and saving content has now been made a trouble free task since it allows its user access to Google suite to manage their assignments. Its gigabit Wi-Fi lets students surf the browsers quickly by providing high speed internet.

The webcam is high quality to enable enhance video quality and sharper images. Therefore, it is a go-to for online learning, presentations or virtual seminars. The 11.6 inches display not only makes reading experience enjoyable but also makes it space friendly and portable.

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5) HP 14’’ Chrome book

The HP 14’’ chromebook is a boon for all those students who desire for an interactive virtual learning experience. It offers FHD IPS touchscreen that provides an ideal visual experience by displaying clear images and graphics. Moreover, note-taking and annotation will feel same as writing on a hardcover notebook with a pen. Diagrams, figures, tables and charts can all be easily done as well.

It has also special arrangements for user security and privacy. It has fingerprint sensor that allows secure login without having to remember passcodes. Moreover, it also comes in handy for parents who want to have content control or manage screen time for their children.

It has Intel 11th i3 processor with 8GB RAM that helps in navigating through multiple tasks smoothly and efficiently. Moreover, it is convertible to make its usage more versatile.

It has built in super-fast 6th generation Wi-Fi that enables high speed data access. In addition to this, it is also optimized for Internet of Things (IoT). Therefore, it will help students in streamlining their learning preferences.

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There is a wide catalogue of features provided by chromebooks like portability, long battery life, high security, affordability, Chrome OS and great parental control. Having all these advantages, they are a perfect option to make students’ back-to-school or virtual learning productive and optimal. Therefore, do not procrastinate and buy one that suits you or your children best.


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