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AIOU Fee Concession: Complete Guide With Form (35% To 100%)

Allama Iqbal Open University is a prestigious institution which is committed to provide excellent quality education to students all across Pakistan. AIOU has framed a unique and brilliant policy to financially assist the needy students who do not have the necessary financial funding for their studies. Moreover, AIOU also provides equal opportunities to disabled students by giving them full fee concession for their studies. If you’re looking for financial assistance or full fee concession in AIOU, this article has all the information you need.

AIOU Fee Concession Form Free Download (Updated 2022)

You can download AIOU fee concession form here and apply for it through proper process. By clicking on the link given below, you can easily download the AIOU fee concession form for needy students. After filling the form and attaching required documents, you can move ahead with your fee concession application.


AIOU Fee Concession: Who Can Apply/is Eligible

Allama Iqbal Open University offers fee concession to its students who are either financially dependent or do not have enough financial support for their studies. It is important to remember that in order for you be to eligible for this grant, your monthly income has to be less than 18,000 Rs.

Also, a student can get this fee concession for 3 different semesters during his/her degree. The regional committee of the nearest AIOU campus will make sure that all requirements are fulfilled to accept the fee concession application.

A committee will be formed which will decide whether the student is eligible for this fee concession program or not. The committee will make its final decision based on following things.

  • Total funds available to grant the fee concession
  • Prioritizing the specific area whether it is illiterate enough for a student to have fee concession
  • The previous educational record of the student applying for fee concession

How to Apply for AIOU Fee Concession

The process to apply for this fee concession form is very simple. You can download the full fee concession application from the download button which is given above in the article. After downloading the AIOU fee concession form, fill it carefully and submit it to the regional office of the nearest AIOU branch within the admission deadline.

Once your application is approved for fee concession, you will receive a phone call from the university and your name will also be displayed on the list approved for fee concession. After that, you will need to submit the remaining fee through fee challans provided by the committee to any bank which is recognized by AIOU.

List of Programs (Eligible for fee concession)


Programs Concession
All programs except for mentioned Below 35%
CYP Diploma
(Mass Communication)
F.Sc (Pre-Engineering/Pre-Medical/
Community Health/Home Economics)
F.A/I.Com Matric/Dars-e-Nizami (of any level)
Ph.D./STEP Courses/
Open Tech/Non Credit/
French Online


Fee Wavier for Disable Students

AIOU offers complete fee waiver for students with any kind of disability. This special initiative by AIOU is to promote the education among disabled people who have the passion to learn but cannot pursue their studies due to financial strains. AIOU fee waiver for disabled students is applicable to all its programs. This includes all the BS level, MS level and PHD level programs.

How to apply for full fee Waiver (Disabled Students)

Application for full fee concession can be downloaded here.


After downloading the full fee concession application, you will need to fill it out and mention the kind of disability that you have. You will also need to attach the necessary documents mentioned in the form and submit the application to the regional office of AIOU.

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