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AIOU Tutor: How to Find AIOU Tutor (For All Programs)

Education in this new age of learning is becoming more dynamic with each passing day. Nowadays, the concept of Physical classes is being replaced by virtual education which is getting more popular and accessible. In Pakistan, this venture of virtual education is led by Allama Iqbal Open University, who is offering their complete educational programs virtually.

Students who cannot attend physical classes due to any reason have the welcoming option to opt for virtual education offered by AIOU. Therefore, in order to make virtual education easy for students, a certain guide is needed to make them aware of the entire process.

AIOU offers programs right from Matric to Ph.D. and diploma courses as well. In order to make students more comfortable in their learning process, AIOU offers a complete set of guidance throughout its degree programs. Since all the studies are conducted virtually, AIOU offers a virtual teacher in the form of tutor who guides students during their degree programs.

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What is AIOU Tutor?

AIOU tutor is a virtual guide for students who checks their assignments and allots them projects during their degree. People who are selected as AIOU Tutor must be a teacher before in any college or University and should have teaching experience beforehand. Once a teacher is selected as a Tutor at AIOU, they are assigned to check assignments of students who are allocated to them.

Therefore, students need to find their Tutor once they get enroll in a degree Program. AIOU has a specific method through which students can get the contact details of their Tutor and send them their assignments to be checked.

How to Find AIOU Tutor through Roll Number:

Previously, any student could find their Tutor by simply putting their Roll number on the university website and get the contact details of their respective Tutor. However, AIOU has recently upgraded its system and now Roll Number of a student cannot be used to find their Tutor.

This method no longer works for finding AIOU Tutor. The new method for finding AIOU Tutor for all programs is explained below in the article.

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Finding AIOU Tutor through Login ID:

AIOU has updated the process of finding AIOU Tutor. Now, students need to create their Login ID and enter their Password on the University website to find their Tutor. This Login ID will be sent to your E-mail or Phone number.

To find your AIOU Tutor, click here.

Once you log in using your ID and Password, following screen will appear.

Click on the Academic Records and following screen will appear.

Now click on My Tutors and the list of your Tutor will be displayed along with their Contact Information. You can directly contact them or send them your assignments which are to be checked.

AIOU Tutor Schedule 2022 for All Programs:

AIOU regularly updates its Tutor Schedule for its Spring and Autumn semesters. With the help of this schedule, Students can get the details about their assignments and complete them in the required time for submitting them to their AIOU Tutor. If any student has any problem or inconvenience during any step, he/she can easily contact their Tutor directly and ask for guidelines. Below are the links given for AIOU Tutor Schedule and AIOU Tutor details.

  • AIOU Tutor Schedule                              Click here
  • AIOU Tutor Details                                  Click here

What if AIOU Tutor is not found:

This article has all the necessary details to easily find your AIOU Tutor and Tutor Schedule for the respective Semester. In addition, University also sends the details of Tutor to their students through the Postal Service.

However, sometimes due to some delay students may get worried. Therefore, you can contact the regional offices of AIOU and get help in this regard. Click here to find more about AIOU regional offices.

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